Spoonful Of Comfort Website Review & Ratings + Spoonful of Comfort Coupons
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Spoonful Of Comfort Website Review & Ratings + Spoonful of Comfort Coupons

Spoonful of Comfort : Products & Services

Spoonfulofcomfort.com is company that serve chicken soup delivery & chicken noodle soup by mail. Made with simple, natural ingredients that will warm the heart, these comfort soup has no preservatives or additives-giving it the delicious taste of home. Full of flavor that is unmatched by any commercially processed soups, these soup baskets will show customers how deeply they care for them.

Spoonful of Comfort : Company Background

Spoonfulofcomfort.com is privately owned chicken soup delivery & chicken noodle Soup company which first opened in October 2007. Spoonfulofcomfort’s corporate headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Step beyond flowers, Spoonful of Comfort sends care packages as personal as the handwritten note. The company has been said to be founded in 2007 but its first services became apparent in 2008, giving it 4 years in the food delivery industry.

Spoonful of Comfort : Customer Feedback & Reviews

No editorials were present about the Spoonfulofcomfort website. Client reviews however were available and were mostly above average. There were 7 customer reviews about spoonfulofcomfort.com. They said the customer service of the store was excellent, awesome service and product was fast shipping, easy ordering, good price, looked delicious, lot of chicken in the soup, plenty of noodles, and it was very tasty.

Spoonful of Comfort : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Spoonfulofcomfort Company is not listed on Better Business Bureau’s profile, so it is not known if there were complaints about the company in the last three year, and how much were resolved. The company does not own blog that inform the clients. Presently, there are no known accreditations, associations, certifications or awards directly listed on the company’s site at this time.

Spoonful of Comfort : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Sitetrail’s Soocial Media Score of Spoonfulofcomfort.com is 42% with respect to its social media relations. Alexa gives it a reputation of 144  but says that there is not enough data to rank the site. The site also has no reviews on Alexa. It does however, have a 58. 04% search traffic and has a high impact on search queries. They currently have a Google traffic rank of 3 out of 10 with daily visitors 660 and Daily Pageviews of 2,508.

Spoonful of Comfort : Social Media Presence

Spoonfulofcomfort.com does not currently operate a blog of their own. They can however be found on Twitter, where they have 882 followers and on Facebook where they have 3.075 likes. They did not turn up on other social networking sites when searched on Google and neither did any other appear on their website.

Spoonful of Comfort : Website Security & Safety

On Google’s diagnostic page, the site spoonfulofcomfort.com is not listed as suspicious and no malicious software was found for it in the last 90 days. Spoonfulofcomfort.com also did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. The website itself however, does not provide any information on the security of their site.

Spoonful of Comfort : Pricing & Packages

Customers can order gift packages of chicken soup & chicken noodle soup under the Place an ORDER tab. There are six variety prices which can be chosen by a customer: $24.99; $39.99; $49.99; $54.99; $64.99; $79.99. Their prices however, are generally similar to their competitor companies. The price for the most popular gift packages order is $49.99.

Spoonful of Comfort : Shipping Rates & Policies

Spoonfulofcomfort Company not serving shipment internationally as one could imagine. They only ship to all door steps across America. Their website’s shipping policy states that Orders received after our 1:00pm MDT deadline will ship the following day. We currently ship Monday – Friday and shipping days are business days only. Office deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by end of business. Home deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by 7:30pm. Please keep in mind that holidays will affect our shipping schedules.”

Spoonful of Comfort : Payment Methods Accepted

There is no payment information on Spoonfulofcomfort.com. To know the payment method, first the customer must choose the gift packages. After that, the customer will be asked to fill the zip code and select a carrier to calculate the shipping. Then customers then will be asked again to fill out information like Coupon Code, Personal Message, Billing Information, Shipping Information and then Credit Card.

Spoonful of Comfort : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The spoonfulofcomfort.com offers a refund and return policy. If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied, they will be asked to call and spoonfulofcomfort will assist them with a prompt exchange, refund, or credit. Returns will only be accepted with a return authorization issued by the company’s customer service department. On their site, there no information regarding  the maximum days for cancellation of orders.

Spoonful of Comfort : Product images & screenshots
Spoonful of Comfort Coupons
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